• Multifunctional 4G WIFI 	Law Enforcement Recorder 128G Storage
Multifunctional 4G WIFI 	Law Enforcement Recorder 128G Storage

Multifunctional 4G WIFI Law Enforcement Recorder 128G Storage

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: GuangDa
Model Number: EB8063(B)

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 1pc/box
Delivery Time: 25 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,PayPal
Supply Ability: 1000pcs/day
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Detail Information

Storage Capacity: 128G Continuous Working Hours: 10h
Model: BFL9606(Q2) Size: 83.5*56.5*27.5mm
Weight: 140g Capacity: 15Ah
Highest Pixel: >3400W
High Light:

Multifunctional Law Enforcement Recorder


128G Law Enforcement Recorder


15Ah hd body camera

Product Description

Multifunctional 4G WIFI Law Enforcement Recorder 128G Storage

Multifunctional 4G WIFI Law Enforcement Recorder 128G Storage

1296P FULL HD Body Camera With 4G WIFI GPS Optional


Product description:
The unique design of long-distance infrared light source and white light lamp ensures the effect of law enforcement record in the dark environment at night. It is a powerful tool for law enforcement agencies to achieve informatization and standardization.


● Wide-angle lens design
The built-in lens is equipped with an imported 132º wide-angle lens, which effectively guarantees the camera effect. The surface of the lens adopts multi-layer vacuum coating, which greatly eliminates the interference of stray light, improves the permeability of the lens, and ensures the high-quality image recording effect.
● One-button individual recording function
According to the needs of on-site use, the one-key separate recording function can be used, and it can be played back on site.
● One key to start recording/photographing/audio recording
In the on/off state, the video/photograph/recording function can be activated with one key.
● Important document mark function
When recording, the key video files can be marked by pressing the corresponding buttons.
● One key switch function
The law enforcement recorder can press the recording button to save the current recording file and start recording during recording, and press the recording key to save the current recording file during recording and start recording.
● Misoperation prevention
Lock the key function of the law enforcement recorder through the corresponding key.
● Intercom function
The integrated sending function can be connected to various brand models of walkie-talkies through a dedicated connection line, and used as a "shoulder microphone" to realize clear and loud sending and receiving functions. Law enforcement officers no longer need to hold the walkie-talkie, and their hands are completely released, which effectively improves work efficiency and reduces the risk in emergency situations.
Simultaneous use of the microphone and video recording function at the same time, without affecting each other. The intercom function can be realized even if the law enforcement instrument is turned off.


Model BFL9606-Q2
Lens wide angle 132º
Storage capacity can be expanded up to 128G
Digital zoom The lens can adjust the distance and close range, and supports digital zoom
Compatible system Windows(98/2000/ME/XP/7/8/10)
Display size 2 inch LCD full HD display
Superimposed watermark support
Local playback video/photo/recording files can be played back live
One-key playback The law enforcement recorder can play back the most recent video/recording/picture file with one key in the standby state.
Segmented video This machine can set 5min, 15min, 20min, 30min and other segmented video
Key mark can be one-click to mark the key video during video shooting
Password protection Software password protection, anti-tampering, anti-deleting
Log function files are attached with time, product number, user number and other information
Motion detection After the motion detection recording function is turned on, in the viewfinder preview mode, when a moving object enters the shooting range of the law enforcement recorder, the law enforcement recorder automatically enters the recording.
Voice broadcast The law enforcement recorder can broadcast the user number and the hourly hour when the law enforcement recorder is turned on
Alarm function with red and blue flashing lights and alarm sound function
Laser positioning positioning and shooting, keeping the image from shifting
Lighting can be used as lighting and fill light at night
Video format MOV/MP4/AVI
Video resolution 2304x1296 30P;1920x108030P;1280x72030P, 848X480 30P, 720480 60P/30P
Video function One-key video recording (in the shutdown state, directly press the "Video" button to enter the video)
Loop recording When the memory is full, the system automatically deletes the first video file
Video capture support
Video capture support
Fast forward and fast rewind The law enforcement recorder has 2 times, 4 times, 8 times, 16 times, 32 times, 64 times, 128 times fast forward, fast rewind and pause modes when playing back video on this machine.
Pre-recording/extended recording support (default resolution is pre-recorded for 10 seconds, and extended recording can be set)
Photo format JPEG
Camera pixels 38M/16M/12M
Anti-shake function Electronic anti-shake
Shutter control Electronic shutter
Exposure mode automatic
Audio format WAV
One-key recording support separate recording, dual microphone noise reduction
Infrared night vision video/photo/recording files can be played back live
Infrared switch manual/automatic switch
Charging time ≦6hours
Recording time can record 11 hours
Battery capacity 3200mAh lithium battery
Protection grade IP68
Anti-drop level ≥3.5M
Working environment temperature -30℃~60℃
Interface 16Pin multi-function data interface video output interface, USB data interface
Misoperation prevention function During the recording and recording process, the recording key or recording key can be locked by designated keys. After unlocking, the normal operation can be stopped and the recording or recording file can be saved.
One-key switching The law enforcement recorder can press the recording button to save the current recording file and then start recording during recording, and press the recording key to save the current recording file during recording and start recording.
Key tone off function The law enforcement recorder can be set to turn off the key tone.
Vibration reminder off function The law enforcement recorder can be set to turn off the vibration reminder.
Indicator light off function The law enforcement recorder can be set to turn off the indicator light.
Parameter setting The law enforcement recorder can set the video resolution and the number of picture pixels in the menu.
Power-off automatic save function The law enforcement recorder can automatically save the video files before the power is exhausted, and then shut down.
Software upgrade function Import the upgrade package into the storage medium of the law enforcement recorder, and you can choose to upgrade the software version of the law enforcement recorder after booting.
Weight 140g
Appearance size 83.5x56.5x27.5mm


Wiring related issues

Q:Why can’t the device start when the cables are connected?

A:The VCR should also pay attention to the hard disk lock.


Q:The power of the camera is connected, but there is no image on the monitor?

A:Check whether the power supply is connected to the 12V position. The power output of the device has two voltages: 5V and 12V.


Q: Do individual GPS and AGPS need to be used with SIM card?

A: GPS does not require a network, it needs to be outdoors to receive satellite signals, AGPS is network positioning, you need to turn on wifi or 4G function to locate successfully, you can locate indoors


Product functions and features:
● 38 million pixel camera: (8 million, 12 million, 16 million, 21 million, 25 million, 36 million, 38 million, etc., multi-level adjustable)
In order to meet the requirements of various law enforcement environments, BFL9606-Q2 adopts a new generation of high-end movie ccd photosensitive element, which automatically adjusts white balance and sensitivity to generate high-definition picture quality. The number of camera pixels is as high as 38 million. It has the function of taking pictures during the shooting process, which provides a reliable basis for post-mortem research and judgment.
● High-resolution audio and video synchronized recording:
The video resolution can be set through the supporting management software to realize high-definition long-term video recording. The video resolution is 2304×1296, 1920×1080, 1280×720, 848×480, 720×480, multi-level adjustable, showing high-definition Image data, restore the real situation on site.
● Built-in multiple infrared lights, all-weather recording
In response to the law enforcement needs of law enforcement officers at night and in complex environments, the infrared auxiliary light source adopts imported infrared filter automatic switching film. When in a dark environment, the infrared light is automatically turned on, and the image is automatically turned off in the sun environment. interference. The facial features of people can be clearly distinguished within 10 meters, and the contours of people and objects can be distinguished within 20 meters.
● White LED light fill light and flash function
Built-in white LED light, can be used as a small flashlight or flashlight.
● Red and blue flashing warning light function
Built-in red and blue flashing warning lights to increase the shock of law enforcement authority.
● One-key audio playback on site
According to the needs of law enforcement, all recorded video data can be played back with sound on the spot, and the video can be fast forwarded or rewinded during video playback, which facilitates on-site mediation, effectively avoids disputes, reduces disputes, and improves law enforcement efficiency.
● Digital zoom function
When shooting, you can digitally adjust the focus, zoom in and out, and shoot near and far pictures at will.
● Camera positioning function
Law enforcement personnel wearing the law enforcement recorder do not need to look at the screen to turn on the laser positioning button with one click, which can accurately locate the lens alignment position.

● Voice broadcast function
After the hourly broadcast function is turned on, the clock of the law enforcement recorder will report the time on the hour.
● Convenient and reliable one-button operation design
Through one-button operation, you can control functions such as taking pictures, video recording, recording, sending calls, and playback. It is simple and convenient to ensure that the machine quickly enters the working state in an emergency, which helps protect the law enforcement's lawful rights and interests.
● High-strength shell design
The law enforcement recorder adopts the external buffer design of the fuselage (the important and protruding parts of the fuselage have soft cushioning). The structure of the product shell and the keys are manufactured using a two-color mold process.
The main body of the law enforcement recorder is made of high-strength engineering plastics, and a soft plastic material is specially made around the main body of the law enforcement apparatus. The bare machine can withstand a drop of more than 3.5 meters to ensure the safety of components and data.
Professional waterproof and dustproof design, protection level up to IP68, effectively prevent rain and dust from entering, ensure the safety of internal electronic devices, and ensure normal use in harsh environments.
The law enforcement recorder has undergone strict high and low temperature tests and can be used normally in an environment of -30° to 60°.
● Design of large-capacity storage space
The built-in large-capacity memory chip design can achieve long-term recording and can be expanded to 128G large-capacity storage space.
● High-capacity lithium battery, long battery life
This machine uses a built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, which can work continuously for 11 hours, and can carry out law enforcement records anytime and anywhere. It can also be equipped with an external battery box as needed to achieve long battery life.
● Energy saving function
The law enforcement device can be set to automatically and manually turn off the screen, so that the device is in the lowest power consumption state.
● Humanized setting menu function
The local menu of the law enforcement instrument can be set: video and audio browsing, video resolution setting, camera pixel setting and other system functions and parameter settings, which facilitate the on-site operation of law enforcement personnel.
● Supporting management software
Each set of law enforcement recorders is equipped with a practical and convenient anti-tampering software management system. Users can assign permissions to achieve hierarchical management of files to ensure the integrity, truthfulness, fairness, and safety of the files.
The management software can browse, copy, paste, and delete the image data shot in the machine, realize the separation of the photographer and the manager, and manage the image data through a password to ensure the security of the image data.
When operating the management software, the time on the recorder will be automatically synchronized with the computer time for proofreading, and the generated video and photo files have time and code display, which can accurately record the shooting time and help the management department to judge things. Send time and so on.
● Wearing method
The law enforcement recorder adopts a strong bite force all-steel back clip, which can be adjusted at multiple angles according to the needs of on-site shooting. The camera angle of the law enforcement instrument can be adjusted arbitrarily. The hanging back clip is equipped with special accessories and the law enforcement instrument is double fixed, and can be worn In front of the shoulders and chest; strong and durable, whether walking or running can make the law enforcement instrument face the target in front.



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